Cattle Farmer Fencing

Cattle Farmer Fencing

If you are a cattle farmer living on the coast of Western Australia, you need quality and structurally stable fencing. As a provider of cattle farmer fencing, Beyond Fencing Solutions have a diverse range of experience in supplying, implementing and maintaining a range of fence types. This can include steel or wooden fence types, depending on your individual needs.

Types of Fencing

Beyond Fencing Solutions understands that fencing comes in all shapes and sizes which is why we offer a broad range of fencing types and are able to tailor our services to your needs. We are able to design fencing based on the layout of your property, to ensure that you get the best value for money. Some of the products that we offer to consumers include:

  • Post and rail fencing/entry
  • Pine post and Chain mesh fence
  • Pine post and ringlock fence with horse safe top wire
  • Pine posted fencing  
  • Ringlock fencing
  • Galvanised Steel fencing

What type of fencing should I use for cattle?

Due to the strength of cattle and farms being exposed to harsh weather it is necessary that you choose a fencing product that is durable and sturdy. Hence, Galvansied steel is a fantastic option, as it is specially coated in zinc to prevent rust. Furthermore, a thick posted fence will endure a harsh environment, meaning that you needn’t worry about its structure. We are also able to implement gates, so that it is efficient to move your cattle from one paddock to another. Our team is able to visit your property and analyse what type of fencing would be perfect for you. Consequently, we can  then tailor your choice of product to your needs and budget. 

Servicing and Maintenance

Our team is able to repair any holes or breakages on your fencing in a timely and prompt manner. Give us a call as soon as you notice a problem so we can efficiently re-fence the affected area. Fences can be faulty for a range of reasons – our skills allow us to analyse and mend any type of problem – so give us a call today.

Where do we fence?

We service regions such as Bridgetown, Bunbury, Walpole and Harvey. Our extensive knowledge about what types of fence to use and where to place it can save you time and effort. Give us a call today for a chat and a free quote.