Should You Repair Old Fencing or Build A New Fence?

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Should You Repair Old Fencing or Build A New Fence?

Boundary fences and rural fencing are property elements that perform a specific task for you. Fences are essential ingredients to a safe, well-functioning property, and it’s important that yours are in a good working condition.

Maybe you have existing fencing on your property, but it isn’t in the best shape. Depending on how extensive the repair needs are, you may be debating two courses of action: building new fences or fixing the old fencing. This is a decision which concerns many factors and both approaches can have their benefits. As leading Bridgetown fencing experts, we want to help you find the best solution possible. Let’s take a look at some fencing considerations which may impact your decision.

Condition of Your Fencing

A few gates that no longer latch, small gaps that have formed, broken posts. Minor repairs may mean that you should stick with your current fences. But some problems mean replacement is in order. Metal fencing that is rusted or where gates have become stuck should be replaced sooner than later. Fences with rotting timber or considerable breakdown should also be replaced, and with a material that will provide more longevity. Fences that were initially installed incorrectly could also be candidates for replacement, particularly if the fencing has become warped or damaged.

Functionality of the Current Fencing

Boundary fencing serves a different purpose than cattle fencing. With boundary fencing, you want to assess how well the structure is doing its job of protecting your boundaries. If this fence is effectively keeping out intruders and is set appropriately on your existing boundaries, it may be worth repairing what is there. Occasionally, older fencing may be inaccurate with regards to property lines. In such a case, you can expand or reduce your fencing to incorporate those changes. Either way, you’ll want to make the best possible use of all of your land.

In terms of cattle fencing, the functionality is a more pressing consideration. First and foremost, this rural fencing needs to keep your livestock safely in bounds, but the right fencing does more than that. The right fencing creates a pleasant living environment for the cattle, giving them access to water, shade, and room to roam, as well as facilitating more efficient mustering. Consider the layout of your fence and if it is set up properly for ease of movement: can cattle access laneways to transfer to other paddocks, is there ample shade within existing paddocks, are gates well placed for mustering purposes? If the answer to these questions is not a definitive yes, it may be worth building new fences that better serves your needs.

Planning Your New Rural Fencing

Beyond Fencing Solutions is here to help you devise the ideal fencing systems for your property. While we’re happy to complete repairs and maintenance on your current fencing, should you decide to move forward with a new fencing design, we’re the team you can depend on. With our many years serving rural customers across the southwest, we’ve honed our expert knowledge on fencing solutions that really work. Starting with your existing land, we take into account is contours, natural features, water source/supply, and all other influential factors. Then, we design a total fencing plan that makes the most of your property, making your life easier for cattle herding and mustering, or for any other agricultural work you focus on. Our service is personalised and customised, so we provide guidance for YOUR unique property. With many excellent fencing products at our disposal, we can find the equipment that matches your lifestyle and your budget.

Ready to ensure your fencing is doing its job and more? Get in touch with us today for your fencing needs large and small.